Evidencia Dataloggers Solutions

Evidencia Dataloggers Solutions

Evidencia Dataloggers Solutions

Protecting the integrity of your Logistics Network

Evidencia provides advanced solutions for optimal cold chain management. We specialize in traceability, offering data loggers and temperature labels including high-tech temperature recorders and multiple metrics data loggers.

Evidencia’s data loggers and RFID sensors and temperature labels are true miniaturized informants, following your delicate products along their journey of handling and transit. While keeping a record of the conditions affecting the value of your products, they provide the essential information necessary for quality, safety, and accountability. 

We offer cost effective solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Our multilingual and international sales team is eager to assist you with selecting the right data logger solution for your specific needs.

  • Protect the value of your products in storage & transit
  • Attract customers with superior quality products
  • Maintain cold chain safety records
  • Benchmark your freight providers
  • Easily comply with HACCP requirements
  • Increase profits with valuable information




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