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Log-ic Certiscan Handheld Reader

LOG-IC Certiscan Handheld readers, designed for our RFID temperature loggers, deliver tremendous efficiency savings with wireless temperature verification and activation and the ability to capture and view temperature data without opening boxes.

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LOG-IC Certiscan portable readers allow faster, more efficient data retrieval.
Working as an integrated solution with LOG-IC RFID temperature sensors, they give you a superior alternative to common electronic sensors through:

Wireless RFID technology
Instant activation, scanning, viewing
Integrated software with fast, comprehensive decision support
Intuitive touchscreen interface
Tag configurability
Capacity to capture and display 1000s of tags before PC download.

Now you can avoid costly inefficiencies of common sensors, which require you to download data from each sensor at a docking station or limit you to one download. With LOG-IC, you can scan and view tag data as often as necessary.


You have the potential to save thousands of steps, minutes and dollars every year with LOG-IC mobile RFID readers:

Scan tags in seconds without opening boxes
View detailed data instantly
Activate tags wirelessly
Gain access to tag data anywhere in your cold chain
Easily locate tag position for scanning with bullseye stickers
Download to PC when convenient.

Each LOG-IC portable RFID reader also has a unique ID, linked to the data from each tag it scans, for greater traceability and control. You may also benefit from LOG-IC desktop readers, which can be mounted in a conveyor belt to quickly capture data in shipping and receiving.

LOG-IC readers simplify every step in the process, reducing your risk with faster access to vital data.




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