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Log-ic Reusable NFC Temperature Recorder for Mobile Phones

The world's first and only commercially available reusable Logic NFC Temperature recorder, Log-ic X2-NFC brings cutting-edge cold chain monitoring to your mobile phones with data recording, downloading, visualizing and exporting.

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Our Droid app can be downloaded by scanning this QR-Code:

application Log-ic NFC Android

Smarter cold chain
For the first time, you can easily download your cold chain information to your mobile phone (by using the NFC transfer protocol) and bring and scan our data logger on your smartphone! Just scan the tag and analyze the data on the spot. If you want more control over your cold chain, our NFC temperature sensors offer a unique solution to save time.
By using the NFC standard, our Log-ic NFC temperature recorder is scanned on your smartphone screen (like the Nexus S model). You have access to the temperature curve, all the data, the special notes, everything you would expect from our world leading line of data loggers.
Dual-band, our Log-ic temperature recorder can also be used on a PC or scanned with our Log-ic Certiscan RFID reader. 

Control risk and cold chain management
Even without a smartphone, the Log-ic temperature logger has useful visual feedback through red Hi and Lo LEDs to help you make quick decisions and control risks pertaining to cold chain events. You can set up 8 different alarms per Log-ic data logger and quickly interpret the results by pressing the on-board status button.
Then, a quick download of the temperature recorder to your NFC phone (such as the Droid Nexus S, for instance) gives you all the information stored on the temperature tag.

Scan your temperature recorder anytime with your NFC Droid smartphone:
- free app of the Droid app market (application market: Droid App Market)
- detailed temperature curve and all its relating data
- a complete list of all the data loggers downloaded on the smartphone
- a useful thermometer function, to use the NFC temperature recorder as an NFC thermometer
- a quick and intuitive view of your alarms and a summary of the cold chain
- a free and efficient way to email the PDF report of each temperature logger
- a free access to a remote cloud service to access all the data for your cold chain

Light, super slim and extremely intuitive to use, the temperature Log-ic NFC temperature recorder can quickly and efficiently be added to your cold chain programs:
- Useful temperature range: -30 to +75°C
- Accuracy : +/-0,5°C from - 30 to +30°C
- Up to 8 configurable alarms with optional visible LED on the temperature logger
- 3 point NIST temperature calibration (with software back up)
- IP68 waterproof, dustproof, extremely resistant and fully submersible
- Vaccines, biologicals: the Log-ic NFC data logger is compliant to WHO/OMS PQS E06TR05
- Compliant and conforming to the EN12830 regulation for cold chain and fresh products




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