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LOGIC 360 USB Logger - USB (& RFID) Temperature Recorder

ThermAssure X2 is the first RFID Data Logger equipped with a USB cable. This temperature Data Logger generates a PDF evaluation report with the optional power of RFID download. Just plug it into the USB port of any PC and it will generate a PDF report.

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Our world's first USB and RFID temperature recorder truly revolutionizes cold chain monitoring!

With the ThermAssure X2, you only need to plug our recorder to a USB port on any Windows PC to automatically generate a PDF report which will clearly describe what happened to your cold chain during transit. Combined with the power of RFID connectivity, our ThermAssure X2 also provides all the benefits of wireless temperature monitoring.

Our newest disposable temperature Data Logger already includes the USB cable, allowing you to send temperature recorders anywhere in the world, without worrying about readers or cables. Just download our free software and print, save, email, exchange PDF temperature reports and detailed temperature profiles.

The LOG-IC ThermAssure X2 was engineered to offer both the best temperature sensor and the most affordable universal solution for cold chain monitoring:

    * Instant data download (1 to 2 seconds per file) via USB or RFID
    * Automated PDF report without the need to open our software*
    * High and Low temperature excursions easily flagged with our red flashing LED's
    * Loggers ready to start... or user configurable
    * Easy ON/OFF click button to start the tags anywhere
    * Form factor neutral
    * Wireless!! You can still read the information through packaging and boxes
    * Free software for Windows XP, Vista and Win7 with support in 10+ languages


* The installation of our proprietary "LOG-IC Report" software is required prior to using the PDF reporting funtion.

The LOG-IC ThermAssure X2 enables you to monitor your cold chain and spot issues where other temperature recorders will not flag them:

    * Clinical trials, pharmacies, hospitals (tags compliant to WHO PQS E06TR05)
    * Fresh, perishable products (tags also compliant to EN12830)
    * Produce exports
    * In-transit cold chain
    * Small temperature programs, validations
    * Universal appeal and connectivity

  • Thermassure X2 USB PDF Logger
    A quick overview of the world's first USB and RFID temperature logger with direct PDF reporting.
    A quick overview of the evolution of temperature recorders and the new, improved benefits of wireless temperature monitoring.




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